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Find Duplicates in HubSpot With Similar Unordered Words

Clinton Skakun on Jul 16 2019

Finding duplicates in HubSpot can sometimes be tricky. This is why we're continuing to expand on our duplicate match algorithms to handle scenarios when finding duplicates in your database.

Ever have data that's duplicated because of this?

  • John Smith
  • Smith John

This makes it tough to search for, never mind cleansing it. Either way, this has to go. And when your entire database looks like this it becomes a nightmare to find and merge these types of contacts.

This not only happens for people names but also company names:

  • NY, Cleaning Services
  • Cleaning Services NY

We all have different ways of sourcing and entering our data into HubSpot. So this is why we added this extra algorithm:

Match Similar Words in Any Order

To match duplicates in the Dedupely HubSpot integration that have similar words but aren't in the same order, we go to the field dropdown:

Click on the Similar Words (any order) match and hit Run Scan.

This will bring us back just that:

Contacts or companies with similar words that aren't in the same order.


Finding duplicates in HubSpot can be hard with the data anomalies we encounter entering data into the database.

Using some simple algorithms makes this painlessly easy to find and merge in your CRM.

Note: This is not only available for the HubSpot integration but for Pipedrive as well, or any future integrations running in V4.