Get a Handle on Your Duplicates

Dedupely finds & merges your duplicate CRM data so you don't have to.
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Integrates with
  • Pipedrive
  • Nutshell
  • Pipeliner
  • Nimble
  • Capsule CRM
  • PipelineDeals
  • Agile CRM
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Deduplicate Your CRM 10x Faster

Save hundreds of hours in finding & merging duplicates.

Easy Setup

Connect your CRM in a few clicks. No major setup required.

Automatic Merging

Merging can be automated to catch daily duplicates that sneak into your CRM.

Powerful Dupe Finder

Find duplicates by nearly any combo of fields and rules.

No Exports or CSVs

Dedupely connects directly to the API of your CRM. No need for pesky CSV or XSL files.

30-Day Money Back

If it doesn't work for your company within 30 days, we'll refund you in full. No pressure.

Live, Robust Reports

Live logs full of details on why, what and how of your merge.

Saved me hours worth of work.

Pierre-E. Jouve, CFP® Pierre-E. Jouve, CFP® President & CCO InsuraWealth

Dedupely made merging duplicates in our new Pipedrive implementation painless.

Brian Johnson Brian Johnson Director of Sales Case Commons

Dedupely is super easy and intuitive! I was able to merge all our duplicate contacts, organizations and deals.

Iris Seidemann Iris Seidemann Sales FASHION CLOUD

Dedupely's ease of use and customer service is outstanding. It took away the huge headache we had of merging over 27,000 duplicate contacts in Pipedrive.

Sean Brogan Sean Brogan Commercial Director Legal CPD

We had approximately 300k contacts, organizations, and deals in our CRM. Despite the large amount, Dedupely was perfect. The support was especially outstanding.

Simon Wolff Simon Wolff Entrepreneur In Residence Tillhub

The quickest way to find and merge thousands of duplicates without doing it by hand.

Garrison Nifong Garrison Nifong International Business Development Videobeat Networks

Made for Your CRM Data

Duplicates sneak in your CRM in more ways than one. Your duplicates may come from CSV imports, 3rd party integrations or manual entry. This means they're not always easy to find using Excel tricks and basic searches.

Dedupely gives you the keys to find duplicate data in a way that best handles your business's unique data. Find duplicates by a almost any field, partial checked or exact checked based on your data.

The algorithm handles incorrect inputs and covers common mistakes sales made entering data.

Start Ridding Your CRM of Duplicates

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Very intuitive software – I was up and running in minutes and solved one of my biggest CRM pain points. Finding and destroying duplicates!

Paul M. Carollo Paul M. Carollo Corporate Sales Manager RCO Engineering