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I see 1,000 duplicates in Dedupely and 5,000 in HubSpot's duplicate AI finder, what's wrong?

Clinton Skakun on Jul 29 2019

Since HubSpot launched their AI duplicate finder we get a lot of customers asking us this question, "I see X duplicates in Dedupely and way more in HubSpot..."

This bummed us out a lot for the first little while. We felt we were missing something. Some customers were really distressed about this. Then, we really dug into HubSpot's duplicate finder and found this:

HubSpot finds every possible duplicate in your database. Dedupely finds the duplicates that have a high probability of being duplicates. Then, allows you to tweak the settings to more aggressively find tougher matches.

HubSpot and Dedupely find duplicates in very different ways. First of all, HubSpot's duplicate AI finder looks for similar and fuzzy matches over a fixed number of fields (first, last name, email, ip address, etc.)

It's really a quality vs quantity issue. Quantity works in HubSpot because you're not going to accidentally merge everything in bulk.

Therefore, it makes sense why you'd easily see 5x times the duplicates in HubSpot. Dedupely isn't going to show you thousands of loosely matching duplicates by default (we don't want you to merge incorrect matches).

Of course, in Dedupely you can use fuzzy match, similar matches and the like, but this is when you really want to deeply dedup your database by hand and not automatically or in bulk.

I hope this clears up the issue of why you're seeing more duplicate matches in HubSpot's duplicate lists than in Dedupely.