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Dedupely Merge Rules Updates

Clinton Skakun on Sep 11 2019

Hello all! We've just updated the Merge Rules with some new filters that a few of you have been asking for. A few new filters for Merge Rules:

  • for blank / non-blank values
  • for keeping proper name case, uppercase or lowercase (depending on your preference)

Let's go over quickly how these work and why you'd want to use them.

Blank / Non-blank values

This is quite an edge-case but many of you asked for it so we just had to put it on our roadmap! Let's take an example. I want to keep the Organization of the contact that has a blank Last Name.

Keep/Lose Proper Name Case, Uppercase or Lowercase values

Every company stores their data in a different way. Keeping the name with the proper name casing (e.g. Jack Black vs. jack black) is usually a no-brainer for most companies.

But, some companies (e.g. companies from Latin America, Spain, etc) prefer to use uppercase letters for names. So we've added uppercase as an option as well.

The lowercase filter can be used in a lose rule because I've never seen a region that is going to prefer lowercase names. In the case that you want to keep any name that's not lowercase, you can create a lose rule for lowercase values.

Here's a quick video showing a developer testing out the functionality: