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Realistic Timeframes to Deduplicate Your HubSpot

Clinton Skakun on Jul 29 2019

We get a lot of customers asking us for a quick dedup of their HubSpot accounts. Often times Dedupely can find and merge duplicates in your database really quickly.

However, there are cases where a customer comes to us with hundreds of thousands of records expecting the job to be done the same day. I understand completely.

In this post I want to clear up a few common questions asked by customers with larger data sets.

I need to dedup my entire HubSpot account by the weekend, can it be done?

If you have less than 50,000 contacts, this should be pretty easy. You'll probably have around 1,000-3,000 duplicate matches as per normal database clutter.

If we're talking 50,000+ (or more like 100k - 400k) this can take longer than a few weekends to finish up.

While we do streamline the process of picking up accurate matches in your HubSpot database, very large databases will require a lot of extra attention.

For example, you'll have more than one type of duplicate. So going over the possibilities (first and last name matches, email matches, etc.) is the reality we have to face.

Aside from that, we're talking big data which means we need to be extra careful not to run merges on the incorrect matches. With lists of 10,000s of thousands of matches, it can be easy to overlook incorrect matches. This slows down the process a tad.

Plan weeks ahead of time

Data cleansing isn't an all-in-one-day event for large databases. No matter how much automation and streamlining we've built into Dedupely, we can't stress the importance of being careful and having realistic expectations.

Large data moves slowly across platforms and analyzing that data in any tool, no matter how optimized the technology, is going to be a process (not an event).

We've spent years searching for the best technologies and performance testing for heavy environments, so there's no doubt we can get the job done. The question is simply how fast and the answer is really a "it depends on your unique situation".