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UI Updates and Filtering Added to Dedupely V4 Dashboard

Clinton Skakun on Jun 25 2019

Match filtering is now available in the Dedupely dashboard for V4 customers.

What is Filtering?

Sometimes you don't want to find duplicates in all records in your CRM. For example, you may want to filter by owner and have a different duplicate list for each owner.

This is now possible by going to any visible field, clicking on the settings and selecting Filter:

This will open up a filter window where you can set conditions with all-any logic:

Once finished click Save & Close. Then click Run Scan and your new results will be using the filter.

New UI Changes to Fields

The recent "Click to add as match" way of selecting fields was somewhat confusing to users. We moved that functionality to the settings dropdown to the right of each field.

Now when you want to enable or disable a field from being matched, you can click the settings arrow, select either Don't match (to disable matching) or any one of the Match settings below that (to enable matching):


We've made a small adjustment to the field selection. We've also added filters to let you decide which records you want to match for duplicates.

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