Find & merge duplicate Salesforce contacts

Dedupely finds your duplicate Salesforce Contacts, Accounts and Leads.
Lets you merge duplicates in bulk.

Coming Mid 2020 — Get notified on launch day

A single-minded goal towards better data

  1. Find duplicates in Salesforce 10x faster
  2. Improved team productivity and less confusion during sales calls
  3. Lighter, more efficient, clean database
  4. Reduced data issues and GDPR violation risks
  5. Both flexible and simple to use

Made for people with better things to do

Dashboard showing a list of duplicates and the cursor opening a dialog

Find duplicates fast

Identify hoards of duplicates in minutes. Save days of work in one click.

  • Match by first, last name, email, company and more
  • Exact, fuzzy, slight, first and last word matching
  • Find matches by multiple filters

Merge duplicates in bulk

Do in bulk what you once did by hand. In way less the time.

  • Merge entire lists of contacts in one click
  • Fine-tune and customize merges
  • Create merge rules deciding which data is kept
Dashboard showing list of duplicates selected for merge
Screen for auto merging

Automated de-duping

Dedupely merges new duplicates in your database. Auto merging lets you merge common duplicates that keep entering your Salesforce account.

  • Automatically merge common daily duplicate scenarios
  • Schedule recurring periods and times merges run
  • Get periodic email reports on new merges