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HubSpot duplicate merging & setting primary emails in Dedupely

Clinton Skakun on Jan 30 2020

What are primary emails in HubSpot?

Primary emails in HubSpot contacts are used as the default "Send to" addresses. Often you want to make sure the correct primary email is preserved during a merge of two more contacts.

Why set a primary email on merges?

Using the best HubSpot contact emails ensures the highest possible chance of campaign success. You want to AVOID emails that have previously bounced, FAVOR ones that have been confirmed or have the best chance of being deliverable.

Up until today Dedupely didn't give much choice as which email was selected as the primary on merges. Today we launched an update that makes it not only possible, but easy!

Set the primary email in custom merges

Custom merge pane in Dedupely showing which emails can be selected as primary.

You can now select the email you want to keep as primary in custom merges. Just click on the email you want to keep. The rest become secondary emails.

Easily set primary email in merge rules

Demo of how to set the primary HubSpot contact email in Dedupely's merge rules

Create merge rules for the primary email. Simply create a merge rule for "Email" from the list and decide how it wins/loses during merges. The emails that lose will be set as secondary. The winner email is set as primary.

In merge rules (depending on which HubSpot edition you have) you can keep:

  • emails that have not bounced,
  • emails that are confirmed,
  • or any other condition you need.

Optimize your HubSpot marketing lists

Keeping your contact data in check is the best route to optimal marketing campaign results. Dedupely helps you get the best out of your merging efforts by giving you the tools to have a better refined list at the end of the day.