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Ultimate HubSpot Deduplication Guide

Clinton Skakun on May 9 2020

HubSpot deduplication has evolved over the past few years. HubSpot users didn't have much to work with before 2018 before we launched Dedupely <> HubSpot. Soon after HubSpot launched their own AI deduplication tool. Now there are a few options but pitfalls still exist.This is a complete guide to duplicate management in HubSpot. I've done my best to cover every area with as much detail as pos...
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De-dupe HubSpot Deals in Dedupely

Clinton Skakun on Apr 22 2020

We just launched HubSpot Deal Deduplication in Dedupely.You can now login and sync your deals by going to My Data and clicking on Deals:Wait for your deals to finish syncing and then from there, go to the Deduplication area and look for deals in the data pad menu.From there you can start deduplicating your deals.Don't have a Dedupely account yet? Try it out today and get 100 free merges....
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[New Feature] Duplicate CSV Export

Clinton Skakun on Apr 8 2020

Now and then you need to analyze your duplicate CRM records outside Dedupely. For this reason we've added the export duplicates as CSV feature to the duplicate dashboard.Just click on the download icon in any data pad and (after a minute or two) your CSV download will start.Let us know what you think?Give us your feedback in the chat. Let us know what you think of the new feature and any suggestio...
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5 New Awesome Dedupely Upgrades You'll Love

Clinton Skakun on Apr 6 2020

We've just added five new improvements to Dedupely that we know you'll love. These upgrades make Dedupely easier to use and pave the way for some heavy-hitting features coming down the road.Lists are now Data PadsWhat were previously "lists" now become "data pads" with a totally new menu.Improved filter logicBefore you could only filter by one field at a time. Now you can filter by as many fields ...
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Introducing Slack Alerts to Dedupely

Clinton Skakun on Mar 12 2020

Teamwork requires additional tools that go further than email. This is why we've added Slack to the list of notification mediums.This allows your team to assign Dedupely alerts to the correct channel (eg. "Data maintenance") that only certain team members need to see.To set up Slack alerts in Dedupely go to the Notifications section. Then add your Slack Incoming Webhook Url in the Slack section an...
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New Feature: Preventing high risk duplicate matches in Dedupely

Clinton Skakun on Feb 6 2020

Let's face it. Modifying your CRM data in large amounts can be a little nerve-wracking. Staying safe should not be a luxury.Today we took some hidden safety features in Dedupely and released it to dashboard. Users now have control over their merge safety settings.How does this help keep my data safe?Setting upper limitsOne indicator of incorrect matching is matches with large amounts of duplicates...
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Update: Similar word match fine tuning

Clinton Skakun on Jan 31 2020

We've changed first and last word matches to a new type of matching that allows you to add some more settings:You can set the number of words you want to match. This helps you find more accurate duplicates.Enjoy!...
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HubSpot duplicate merging & setting primary emails in Dedupely

Clinton Skakun on Jan 30 2020

What are primary emails in HubSpot?Primary emails in HubSpot contacts are used as the default "Send to" addresses. Often you want to make sure the correct primary email is preserved during a merge of two more contacts.Why set a primary email on merges?Using the best HubSpot contact emails ensures the highest possible chance of campaign success. You want to AVOID emails that have previously bounced...
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Challenge: Changes to custom field types in HubSpot

Clinton Skakun on Jan 27 2020

The tricky issueHubSpot allows their users to change custom field types. Existing non-validating data is not changed until it's updated. It then fails validation. This caused a problem for Dedupely.The perfect exampleOne perfect example of this was a client that has a custom field called "Custom Owner" which was originally a single line text field in HubSpot. This means you can add any kind of tex...
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New Feature: Auto Merge recurring scheduler

Clinton Skakun on Jan 25 2020

Auto merging in Dedupely was one-dimensional. Since day one we decided how often the Auto Merge ran, which was around 45 minutes to an hour. There was no way to program when you wanted it to run.Until today...Introducing Auto Merge schedulingAuto Merge scheduling allows you to set how often you want Auto Merge to run. You can set the following.Minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly intervalsOn s...
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