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Ultimate HubSpot Deduplication Guide

Clinton Skakun on May 9 2020

HubSpot deduplication has evolved over the past few years. HubSpot users didn't have much to work with before 2018 before we launched Dedupely <> HubSpot. Soon after HubSpot launched their own AI deduplication tool. Now there are a few options but pitfalls still exist.This is a complete guide to duplicate management in HubSpot. I've done my best to cover every area with as much detail as pos...
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Ultimate Salesforce Duplicate Management Guide (Best practices)

Clinton Skakun on Dec 6 2019

Note: At the time of writing this we are still in process of being accepted into AppExchange. This post jumps ahead to show you what can be done with Dedupely.Duplicates in Salesforce prove to be a challenge resulting in costly issues. In this guide I'll cover key aspects of duplicate issues. Then I'll cover strategies and duplicate management best practices.Chances are your team has endless heada...
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What is CRM Data Duplication? Why It's a Trillion Dollar Problem

Clinton Skakun on Jan 2 2018

What's "duplicate data" or more specifically "duplicate CRM data"?Simply put, any piece of data that's been created more than once or appears identical. For example, three contacts named "John Smith" who refer to the same person (not actually three John Smiths, but the same one), would be considered duplicates.CRM software has only been around for a few decades but duplicate data has been an issue...
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