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    • Enterprise
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    • $799+ USD/month
    • $7,999+ USD/year
    • Gold
    • 480k records
    • $399 USD/month
    • $3,999 USD/year
    • Premium
    • 240k records
    • $199 USD/month
    • $1,999 USD/year
    • Pro
    • 120k records
    • $89 USD/month
    • $899 USD/year
    • Basic
    • 60k records
    • $39 USD/month
    • $399 USD/year
    • Starter
    • 30k records
    • $19 USD/month
    • $199 USD/year


Need a custom plan or more info? Contact us for a plan that suites your needs.

All plans include

Unlimited monthly merges done
Unlimited monthly scans done
Daily duplicate alerts done
Fuzzy, similar, sound-alike matching done
Match by any combo of native or custom fields done
Duplicate filtering by owner or any field done
Bulk select and merge done
One by one/custom merging done
Automatic hourly merging done
Merge rules & master record done
Merge history done
Ignore frequent words done
Daily CSV backups done

Common questions

Is there a contract or minimum period?

There are no contracts or minimums. You can sign up and cancel as you please.

Can I sign up for a one-off or one month deduplication?

You can sign up for a plan and later cancel before the next billing period.

Do my duplicates return after I cancel?

Only new duplicates that enter your account after you cancel. After you cancel, records you've merged with Dedupely will remain merged.

What happens if I go over my limit?

When over limit you're required to upgrade to the next plan. We will alert you via email and through the app.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can sign up for a free trial along with free sample merges.

What are considered records?

Records refer to people, organization and deal-type entities. You can choose which entity types to sync in order to control your quota.

Dedupely for Nonprofits

We offer a 25% discount for nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Please contact us to learn if you qualify.