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Automatically Merging Contacts in HubSpot CRM

Clinton Skakun on Nov 13 2018

Merging contacts in HubSpot one by one is probably the slowest method of merging. Dedupely offers an alternative with bulk merging and fuzzy matching to reduce the amount of time you spend on this task.The new normal is to find and merge duplicates in bulk. But it's still another task you have to keep in the back of your mind.So in this article I'm going to show you the next step up: automatic merging.

How does automatic merging work?

When you set automatic merging to run on a list you've created in Dedupely, the list will be re-scanned every hour to check for new matching duplicates in HubSpot. Any duplicates found will be automatically merged in the same instance.You'll be alerted (via email) every 24-48 hours of new HubSpot merges that happened automatically.

How do I set up automatic merging?

We only offer automatic merging to paid users. Before you use automatic merging, you'll have to upgrade your account to any of the paid plans your database size fits in.Now lets look into how to set it up and give you a peak into how it works if you haven't already tried it or are still considering upgrading:My first piece of advice is: never turn on automatic merge on a list unless you're *very* sure it's matching correctly. If you're not sure, contact our support team to assist you in preparing your match settings before starting.So I'm going to create a list using first and last names as the match criteria. I'm 100% sure these are duplicates:Now that I see the match criteria working, I'm going to start automatic merging for this list.I'm going to toggle this on:And it will start merging the duplicates that I already have in the list:Once done the initial merge, it will go to "sleep" and re-check HubSpot for new duplicates every hour.


As you can see, automatic merging is a really simple way to save you and your team the constant need to return and merge and manage your HubSpot contacts. Rather, obvious duplicates should already be taken care of by Dedupely, without your constant input.To learn more about the Dedupely HubSpot integration go here.