Dedupely Subprocessors

Below is a list of subprocessors (external apps and services) Dedupely Software, Inc. uses.


  • Google, Inc. (USA) Server Logging & Monitoring, Storage & Servers

Processing of Customer Content

  • MailChimp, Inc. (USA) Newsletters
  • Mailjet, Inc. (FR) Email
  • Rollbar, Inc. (USA) Bug Reporting
  • GitHub, Inc. (USA) Code Repository
  • Docker, Inc. (USA) Code Compilation & Testing
  • Google, Inc. (USA) Website Analytics, Gmail, Google Drive Storage
  • Freshworks, Inc. (UK) Customer Account Administration, Chat and Support
  • Stripe Technologies, Inc. (USA) Credit Card Processing
  • Churn Buster, LLC. (USA) Credit Card Update Pages
  • Intuit, Inc. (USA) Bookkeeping
  • HubDoc, Inc. (CAN) Bookkeeping
  • CloudFlare, Inc. (USA) DNS Management
  • ChartMogul, Ltd. (Germany) Subscription Analytics and Revenue Reporting
  • HubSpot (USA) Sales & Marketing CRM
  • Snyk, Ltd. (UK) Code & Container Security Monitoring
  • Detectify AB (Sweden) Website Security Scanner & Penetration Tester
  • Mixpanel (USA) User engagement analytics

Incidental Account Administration and Support Subprocessors

  • Slack, Inc. (USA) Issue Alerting
  • WhatsApp, Inc. (USA) Team Communication
  • Freshworks, Inc. (UK) Uptime Monitoring

Updated July 1st 2019