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Common Questions

How does Dedupely access my CRM database?

Dedupely authenticates with your CRM via oAuth login. We ask for your permission before connecting to your account.

Accessing your account helps you avoid needing to upload CSVs and XSL sheets.

Does the staff at Dedupely dedupe my account?

Most Dedupely users opt-in to the self-serve style plans. We also offer a tailored consultation package. You can get more information about this at our pricing page or contacting our support team.

Does Dedupely require a contract to sign up?

There are no contracts and no lock-ins. You may use Dedupely as long as you wish (or as long as it’s of use to you) and cancel when you wish.

How long does it take to setup and sync my database with Dedupely?

Depending on the size of your database, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days for the data download. Later, your data will re-sync in the background without you needing to do anything.

Can I undo incorrect merges?

Unfortunately we don’t offer a way to undo merges for any integration. We highly recommend you keep weekly backups of your data in case of any incorrect merges.

How long do merges take in Dedupely?

This depends on the CRM you’re using and the amount of data you’re merging. For example, a merge of 1,000 duplicates can take less than 15 minutes using the HubSpot integration.

How does the contact merge fusion work?

Here is a simple run-down on how merges work:

  1. All data from the given duplicates are merged into one master contact.
  2. Single field inputs are automatically chosen. You can decide which fields to merge via the custom merging feature.
  3. Fields with multiple allowed inputs are all merged together.
  4. Related items are moved to the master contact
  5. The non-master duplicates are removed and you’re left with one clean contact

Can Dedupely fuzzy match or detect partially matching data?

You can decide which fields are fuzzy matched and which are exact matched. Fuzzy matching works best for incorrectly spellings or alternate spellings.

Which contact is kept during a merge?

What we call the master contact is chosen either by you during custom merges, by Dedupely or by the CRM.

Does Dedupely work well with PieSync and other integrations?

Up to this date we haven’t had reports of clashes with other integrations. PieSync has also informed us that it’s safe for both us and them to integrate with the same customers.

Does Dedupely carry over notes, tasks, tags and special fields when merging?


Can I get a Free Trial?

We offer free trials only for certain CRM integrations. Most of our integrations currently require an up-front payment.

Are you GDPR compliant?

You can read our GDPR Fair Processing Notice for more information about how we process your data.

Is Dedupely secure?

Please read our security page for more info.