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About Dedupely


Dedupely was founded in 2014. Born from a need to conquer data chaos, it emerged as a powerful tool simplifying duplicate data management for organizations worldwide.


It's time to put old, time consuming business practices to rest so businesses can focus on their customers.

We do this by building tools with a single focus on saving business owners, sales professionals and marketers time and energy.


We focus on entrepreneurs, sales professionals, marketers, data people, productivity hackers and people who not interested in fiddling around in excel or writing code.

Bad data touches every industry, and everyone inside.


We team up with the best, most creative, prolific individuals to focus on and build tools and services customers want.

We're picky about code, about design, about getting features just right, about making our software easier to use.

We believe technology should serve humanity, rather than distract it.


Yes we're a data company. However we're also a productivity company. We help you save time and energy so you can focus on your real job.

We're customer funded. Without customers we're not a business. We work hard to please our investors(our customers) and are thankful they are also our customers.


We have presence across North America. Our HQ is located in Metro Vancouver:

Dedupely Software, Inc.
11871 Horseshoe Way #1103,
B.C. V7A 5H5,

What to get in touch? Free free to send us an email.