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Find & merge duplicate HubSpot contacts

Dedupely finds your duplicate HubSpot contacts, companies and deals.
Lets you merge duplicates in bulk.

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Pros of Deduplicating HubSpot

  1. Stop paying salespeople to hunt through duplicate data
  2. Get campaign-ready marketing lists you can trust
  3. Reduce GDPR violation risks

HubSpot De-dupe Made Easy

Dashboard showing a list of duplicates and the cursor opening a dialog

Find duplicates fast

Find hoards of duplicates in your HubSpot account. Identify duplicate matches withing minutes that used to take you days before.

  • Match by first, last name, email, company and more
  • Exact, fuzzy, slight, first and last word matching
  • Find matches by multiple filters

Merge duplicates in bulk

Do in bulk what you once did by hand. In way less the time. Merge thousands of duplicate matches with little to no effort.

  • Merge entire lists of contacts in one click
  • Fine-tune and customize duplicates merges
  • Create merge rules deciding which data is kept
Dashboard showing list of duplicates selected for merge
Screen for auto merging

Automated HubSpot de-dupe

Dedupely helps you auto merge new duplicates in your HubSpot database. Auto merging lets you merge common duplicates that keep entering your HubSpot account.

  • Automatically merge common daily duplicates
  • Schedule recurring periods and times merges run
  • Get periodic email reports on new merges

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Not sure if Dedupely would work for you? Try out a 7-day free trial to see how many duplicates Dedupely finds in your HubSpot database.

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What customers are saying

I only had to use it once. It got rid of all my duplicates perfectly in less than 15 minutes.

Mike Lannen Mike Lannen

Our team was going through and manually merging 1,000’s of contacts. Dedupley managed let me do it all in one afternoon.

Zyran Scharf Zyran Scharf
New Zealand Panels Group

The easiest and most useful way to de-duplicate your CRM in this day and age.

Mike Crofton-Atkins Mike Crofton-Atkins

How Dedupely Complements HubSpot

Dedupely enhances native HubSpot deduplication to save you 10x the time.

HubSpot Native Merge Dedupely Merge
Find duplicates done done
Fuzzy or similar matching done done
Customize merges done done
Ignore common terms (INC, LLC, etc.) done done
View any fields done done
Merge history log done done
Decide on fields to match remove done
Filtering (by owner, etc.) remove done
Automated scheduled merging remove done
Merge in bulk remove done
Email & Slack alerts on new duplicates remove done
Field win-lose rules remove done
Merge safety settings remove done

Trust your data again

De-dupe your HubSpot database today.
Save time and energy to focus on your real job—not duplicates.

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Need a custom plan or more info? Contact us for a plan that suites your needs.

All plans include

Unlimited monthly merges done
Unlimited monthly scans done
Daily-weekly alerts done
Fuzzy, similar, sound-alike matching done
Match by any combo of native or custom fields done
Duplicate filtering by owner or any field done
Bulk select and merge done
One by one/custom merging done
Automatic scheduled merging done
Merge rules & master record done
Merge safety done
Merge history done
Ignore frequent words done

Common questions

Is there a contract or minimum period?

There are no contracts or minimums. You can sign up and cancel as you please.

Can I sign up for a one-off or one month deduplication?

You can sign up for a plan and later cancel before the next billing period.

Do my duplicates return after I cancel?

Only new duplicates that enter your account after you cancel. After you cancel, records you've merged with Dedupely will remain merged.

What happens if I go over my limit?

When over limit you're required to upgrade to the next plan. We will alert you via email and through the app.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can sign up for a free trial along with free sample merges.

What are considered records?

Records refer to people, organization and deal-type entities. You can choose which entity types to sync in order to control your quota.

Dedupely for Nonprofits

We offer a 25% discount for nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Please contact us to learn if you qualify.

Pricing for HubSpot Agency Partners

Certified HubSpot Agency Partners get 15% off all plans. Contact us to learn more.