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Automated Smart-Bulk Deduplication for HubSpot

Identify Duplicates in Contacts, Companies, Deals & Custom Objects
Smart Bulk Merge with Customizable Rules

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Scott Brinker
"Our customers want to achieve great results fast."Everybody at HubSpot already knows what Dedupely can do, and we’re really excited to have them as part of the App Partner Program. Scott Brinker VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot.

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Real-time dupe check

Instantly detects duplicates and new ones as they enter your HubSpot account. Dedupely syncs with your HubSpot account and finds duplicates in real time.


Keep the right data

Set merge rules for critical field data and master records during bulk merges. Set rules based on any field or condition.


Automated merging

Auto-merging lets you merge common duplicates that keep entering your HubSpot account. Schedule when auto-merge scans your database.


Cross-CRM merging

Merge the same duplicates matched across multiple CRM platforms and accounts. Supported by all of our current CRM and app integrations.


Advanced filtering

Filter your records and duplicate matches to only show what you need to merge. Filtering is as advanced or simple as you need it.


Dedupe custom objects

Effortlessly find and merge duplicates in your custom objects without losing information or associated objects.

The Preferred Choice: Trusted by 10,000+ Global Organizations

Dedupely was huge in improving the quality of my CRM database. It saved me hours of manual merging.

Marco Stückel Marco Stückel

Dedupely's ease of use and customer service is outstanding. It took away the huge headache we had of merging over 27,000 duplicate contacts.

Sean Brogan Sean Brogan
Legal CPD

We had 300k records in our CRM. Despite the large amount, Dedupely was perfect. The support was especially outstanding.

Simon Wolff Simon Wolff

HubSpot Merge Enhanced by Dedupely

Remove thousands of HubSpot duplicates in a matter of minutes. Then get back to work.

HubSpot Native MergeDedupely Merge
Find duplicates2,000/week Unlimited
Fuzzy or similar matching
Merge in bulk
Customize merges
Ignore common terms (INC, LLC, etc.)
View any fields
Merge history log
SAFE merge check
Automated scheduled merging
Decide on fields to match
Filtering (by owner, etc.)
Alerts on new duplicates
Field win-lose rules
De-dupe custom objects

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Unlimited merges

Merge all you want. It's all unlimited.


Unlimited integrations

Connect all your customer databases. No extra costs.


Unlimited support

Don't problem-solve stuff we know the answer to.


Bulk merge

The fastest way to rid your CRM of duplicates.



Future-proof your deduping right away.



Merge duplicates between CRMs.


Similar & fuzzy-match

Find duplicates you couldn't find anywhere else.


Merge rules

Pre-set which record data win in the merge.


Merge safety

Never lose or compromise important data.

and more...custom merging, ignore frequent words, similar matching, one-by-one merging, filter by any fields, match by any combo of native and custom fields.

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1 contact + 1 company + 1 deal = 3 records.

I have30,000CRM records.


Is there a minimum contract period?

No. You can cancel anytime.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. And no credit card is required.

Is there a free plan?

No. Once you've tried us out you're gonna wanna pay us.

What is a record?

1 contact + 1 company + 1 deal are 3 separate records.

What happens if I exceed my record limit?

We'll let you know by email and in Dedupely.