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New Feature: Search in matches and merges

Clinton Skakun on Jan 14 2020

Say you get a list of 500 duplicates you found in Dedupely. You want to make sure that your match settings are working. So you look for a specific duplicate you spotted in your CRM. Looking over 500 duplicates is a huge pain... what a nightmare.Also, same issue when you want to look for a merged duplicate. Introducing the search feature for duplicate matches and merge history. Now you can quickly ...
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Q&A: How does Dedupely access my HubSpot data?

Clinton Skakun on Dec 21 2019

Dedupely is a HubSpot integration that connects directly to your HubSpot CRM account. There is no need for exporting CSVs, importing or doing any data "round trips".As such, we need to sync your data with our platform so we have a copy of your records. This allows our system to quickly scan and analyze your data to find duplicate records. This also helps you quickly tweak your settings on the fly ...
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Ultimate Salesforce Duplicate Management Guide (Best practices)

Clinton Skakun on Dec 6 2019

Note: At the time of writing this we are still in process of being accepted into AppExchange. This post jumps ahead to show you what can be done with Dedupely.Duplicates in Salesforce prove to be a challenge resulting in costly issues. In this guide I'll cover key aspects of duplicate issues. Then I'll cover strategies and duplicate management best practices.Chances are your team has endless heada...
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Dedupely Merge Rules Updates

Clinton Skakun on Sep 11 2019

Hello all! We've just updated the Merge Rules with some new filters that a few of you have been asking for. A few new filters for Merge Rules:for blank / non-blank valuesfor keeping proper name case, uppercase or lowercase (depending on your preference)Let's go over quickly how these work and why you'd want to use them.Blank / Non-blank valuesThis is quite an edge-case but many of you asked for it...
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6 Ways to Make Your Sales Team More Productive

Clinton Skakun on Aug 26 2019

Your sales team drives revenue, which is the key to growing your business. Therefore, you need them operating at the highest level possible. And in the words of the legendary business expert Peter Drucker: “The productivity of work is not the responsibility of the worker but of the manager.” So if you are a business owner or sales manager, follow the proven strategies below to make your sales team...
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[New Feature] Export Original Records from Merge History

Clinton Skakun on Aug 5 2019

We just added a new feature to Dedupely's merge history that helps restore contacts in the event of an incorrect merge.All CRMs can import CSV files. This is why we've added a feature to export the original records how they were before the merge. These CSV files contain all of the fields with the original data before the merge.This support article tells you how to use it.Like we state in the FAQ, ...
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I see 1,000 duplicates in Dedupely and 5,000 in HubSpot's duplicate AI finder, what's wrong?

Clinton Skakun on Jul 29 2019

Since HubSpot launched their AI duplicate finder we get a lot of customers asking us this question, "I see X duplicates in Dedupely and way more in HubSpot..."This bummed us out a lot for the first little while. We felt we were missing something. Some customers were really distressed about this. Then, we really dug into HubSpot's duplicate finder and found this:HubSpot finds every possible duplica...
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Realistic Timeframes to Deduplicate Your HubSpot

Clinton Skakun on Jul 29 2019

We get a lot of customers asking us for a quick dedup of their HubSpot accounts. Often times Dedupely can find and merge duplicates in your database really quickly.However, there are cases where a customer comes to us with hundreds of thousands of records expecting the job to be done the same day. I understand completely. In this post I want to clear up a few common questions asked by customers wi...
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Find Duplicates in HubSpot With Similar Unordered Words

Clinton Skakun on Jul 16 2019

Finding duplicates in HubSpot can sometimes be tricky. This is why we're continuing to expand on our duplicate match algorithms to handle scenarios when finding duplicates in your database.Ever have data that's duplicated because of this?John SmithSmith JohnThis makes it tough to search for, never mind cleansing it. Either way, this has to go. And when your entire database looks like this it becom...
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6 Steps to Choosing the Software Stack for Your Business

Clinton Skakun on Jul 19 2019

There are more tools now days than we've ever had access to. Data moves faster and customers expect more than ever before. How do you choose the right tools for your business so you can navigate?Changing third-party software, tech stacks and apps has been a constant for us since day one. We're always learning something new about our stack and how can improve it.The difficult part about choosing th...
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