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Conscious Business

Privacy by design

Privacy and security are not luxuries. This is why we invest a great deal in being a security first company. From choosing the most compliant and reliant cloud providers, to team training to having automated security testing in place.

Discounts for NGOs

Dedupely gives discounts to nonprofit organizations or NGOs. This makes it possible for us to lend a hand to organizations making a difference through our software.

Renewable energy powered

Google Cloud–our data center–matches each unit of electricity with renewable energy purchasing. In some regions more than 90% of Google Cloud’s energy is sourced from renewable energy. AWS our secondary provider is also committed to 100% sustainable powered data centers. That’s bold and makes a real difference!

COVID-19, stop the spread

During the COVID-19 outbreak our team will stay 100% remote. COVID-19 is something that affects everyone on the planet, regardless of age, social status or nationality. It is our responsibility as citizens and fellow humans to be part of preventing the spread to the best of our ability. This means taking part in social distancing, respecting others when out by giving distance, wearing protective masks and washing hands constantly.

We are literally all in this together and it won’t stop without our efforts.