Merge duplicates in Konnektive CRM

Dedupely identifies your Konnektive CRM duplicates in real-time.
Lets you merge duplicates in bulk and automatically.

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Real-time dupe check

Instantly detects duplicates and new ones as they enter your Konnektive CRM account. Dedupely syncs with your Konnektive CRM account and finds duplicates in real time.


Keep the right data

Set merge rules for critical field data and master records during bulk merges. Set rules based on any field or condition.


Automated merging

Auto-merging lets you merge common duplicates that keep entering your Konnektive CRM account. Schedule when auto-merge scans your database.


Cross-CRM merging

Merge the same duplicates matched across multiple CRM platforms and accounts. Supported by all of our current CRM and app integrations.


Advanced filtering

Filter your records and duplicate matches to only show what you need to merge. Filtering is as advanced or simple as you need it.


Unlimited support

We're here to help you every step of the way. Whether it's in Zoom, chat or email. Get unlimited support until you're satisfied with the result.

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