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Decide Which Values Win/Lose With Merge Rules

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v4 platform This article refers to the v4 Dedupely platform. If you use a v3 Dedupely integration please visit the documentation under the v3 tab here.

Custom selecting individual field values in merges can be time consuming and tedious. Merge Rules help you to auto-select the values you want to win the merge.

You can visit Merge Rules in the dashboard. Start by selecting a field you want to create the Merge Rule for. Once selected, configure how it should win or loose. You get two rules (one win and one loose) for each field you select. You can also filter the rule based on a secondary field.

For example, you can create a rule like this:

  • The ID of the record with the latest Update Time wins.
  • Choose the longest company name
  • Keep the owner in the first created record

Merge rules can be created for each record type. One rule set can be made per field.

Master IDs

When you set an ID rule, you’ll notice that your matches get ordered by the ID rule.

For example, if you create an ID rule to keep the smallest ID, it will order matches like so:

Checking that your rules are working

As soon as you update your merge rules, go back to your duplicate list and look for the bold italic fields. These are the values that the rule has chosen to be kept after the merge:


Restrictions for Merge Rules

Merge rules only work for non-readonly fields (with exception to record ID) and single value fields. Multi-value fields, by default, are merged based on the given CRM defaults. Usually they are all merged together into one list.