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Setting up Auto Merge

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Auto merging re-checks your CRM for duplicates periodically. When and how often Auto Merge runs can be set before hand.


ASAP runs the Auto Merge as soon as Dedupely is free to run it. Delays can happen. There are no guarantees that the Auto Merge will run constantly or instantly.

Run ASAP dialog

Run per minute or hour

Lets you run the Auto Merge every Nth number of minutes or hours.

Run every 30 minutes dialog

Run per day

Allows you to set every Nth number of days, also giving you the option to set the range of times when you want it to run on.

dialog showing run every 2 days between 1AM and 8AM.

Run per week

Per week allows you to set Nth number of weeks, the day of the week you prefer it to repeat on between the hours you want it to happen on that day.

Run every 1 week reapting on Sat

Run per month

Set the Nth number of months to repeat and set the day of the month you prefer it to repeat on. If you set the day of the month on the 31st or a day that the current month doesn’t have, it will simply default to the last day of the month instead.

Run every 1 month repeat on 1st of the month.

Run on specific days of the week

Set the days of the week, between the hours you want the Auto Merge to run.

Run on specific day of the week only on Sunday and Saturday.

Run on specific days of the month

Select the days of the the month you want the auto merge to run. Dates that don’t exist in the current month (e.g. 31st) will simply default to the last day of the month.

Run on specific days of the month.

How does Auto Merge work?

Each list you program to run auto merges are checked periodically based on your settings. First a duplicate scan is run to find new duplicates that have entered your CRM since the last check. If duplicates are found in this list, the merge automatically starts.

The next scan and merge will not start unless the previous one has finished. If you set an auto merge to ASAP, it will not run instantly on new duplicates but rather when it can reach the next round. If you have large amounts of contacts this could result in taking more time for auto merges to catch new duplicates. The shortest unit of time Dedupely allows for checking duplicates is 1 minute.

Is Auto Merging safe?

Auto Merging can be unsafe if the match settings are not correctly set. Just as manual merges can be unsafe if they contain incorrect matches.

How do you know if a list is safe to auto merge? By running multiple checks and reviews on your list before running auto merge. Make sure there hasn’t been any mismatches. Otherwise it’s unwise to use auto merge. If you are not confident that the matches will always be correct under the match settings (e.g. first name, last name and email), then please do not use auto merge for that list.

We also have safe guards in place. Not allowing more than 30 matches to be grouped in one match or 30 to be merged at once. *Note: these values may change in the future and there are plans to allow you to set your own values*

Another safeguard is validating fields based on their type. For example, an email field should only allow matches that are emails. Otherwise other types of junk data that accidentally gets added could cause mismatches. This is however not perfect in all cases and not all fields are able to be validated.