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Re-Download from Scratch / Seeing Previously Deleted Contacts in Dedupely

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v3 platform This article refers to the v3 Dedupely platform. If you use a v4 Dedupely integration please visit the documentation under the v4 tab here.

Dedupely still doesn’t have a way to stay in sync with deleted contacts. This is because don’t get notified of deleted contacts from most CRMs.

We plan on implementing a feature to handle deleted contacts in the future. This will only work for certain CRMs (that support webhook endpoints on a delete).

When you see too many deleted contacts in Dedupely, the best thing to do is reset your data and download them again. This is how you do this:

1. Go to My Account

2. Go to CRM Integration

3. Click on the Start From Scratch button

4. Tick the “Contact entity data” box

This will auto-select the merge history and pending merges. If you’re running merges while doing this, note that the merges will be cancelled.

Then click Remove Data.

After your data is reset, Dedupely will start downloading your contacts again from afresh.