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Merging Duplicates

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Once your duplicate scan is complete you’ll see a list of duplicate data ready for you to merge.

Merging in Bulk

To merge in bulk, select the duplicates you want to merge and then click the Merge button.

You can select all of the matches or just the ones you see on the screen.

Merges are queued and run one after another.

Custom Merging

To customize a merge, click on the duplicate you wish to customize.

You can do the following in a custom merge:

  • Select which contact is the Master.
  • Select which fields are kept after merge
  • Remove contacts from the match that are incorrectly grouped.

Merge Rules

You can use Merge Rules to automatically select the preferred winner and looser field values during merges.

Click here to learn everything about Merge Rules.

Auto Merge

Read this article to learn everything about automatic merging.

Viewing Finished Merges

Go to the Finished Merges page. Each merge will show the date it was merged and if it was merged using Automerge.