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Merge safety settings

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Merge safety settings in Dedupely

Merging data is undoable and therefore the need to go the extra length to prevent mistakes from happening.

To customize the merge safety settings click on the Merge Safety icon in the dashboard.

Match limits

Set the largest group of duplicates that a match can have. We recommend setting this higher since no data is modified in duplicate scans.

Reason for this: False positives can cause matching large amounts of incorrectly identified duplicates, slowing down your account.

Merge limits

Set the largest number of duplicates a match can have and still be merged.

Reason for this: Very large matches can sometimes be a sign of incorrect or very loose matching. We would prefer to avoid merging those and checking them manually.

Match field verification

Sometimes your team will add default or “filler” information to fields that you’d expect to be unique. (e.g. someone filling empty emails with a dash) This can cause false positives and yield incorrect matches.

We recommend always having match field verification turned on, unless you’re having trouble finding duplicates.