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Master Records Explained

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When de-duping a group of duplicate records, common practice is to keep one record, merging all data and associated objects from the other records. The rest of the records are removed. The record that is kept is called the Master.

Choosing which record is to be kept as the master record is sometimes important, depending on your situation. You may want a certain record ID to be preserved to avoid breaking connections to external data associations. E.g. Maybe your e-commerce platform links your CRM records by their ids.

In most situations this is not an issue. Many 3rd party integrations will link emails or other identifiable data.

Another issue is that some CRMs don’t support all of the actions Dedupely needs to take in order to move associated items, which can result in some data loss (e.g. Notes, Tasks, etc). Each of our CRMs that has these issues give a warning about its limitations here.