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Ignoring Words in Scans

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v3 platform This article refers to the v3 Dedupely platform. If you use a v4 Dedupely integration please visit the documentation under the v4 tab here.

Sometimes partial match and aggressive match don’t work to handle variations.

This can become a frustrating problem, especially with company names. Here’s an example of three duplicates:

  • Moveelo Technologies Inc.
  • Moveelo Canada
  • Moveelo
  • Moveelo Europe

These matches are fairly far apart from the algorithm’s point of view. Canada and Europe, or Technologies seem very far apart, even if Moveelo is the lowest common denominator.

To aid in this problem, we’ve added the Ignored Words feature to handle common suffixes, prefixes and other common words that appear in your inputs.

You can find this feature in Settings > Advanced > Ignored Words:

By default, we add the common company suffixes to Company Names.

To add your own, click on Add New Word Set:

Select the entity and field name you want to add ignored words to and click Add. After clicking Add you’ll see a new section to start adding ignored words to:

From there simply click Add New Word:

You can add as many as needed.

Quick note: Ignored words override Exact Match settings. E.g. Moveelo and Moveelo Inc. where “Inc.” is an ignored word, will be considered an exact match.

Quick note 2: Adding too many of these (over 10) can slow down the scan process considerably.