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How The Safety Filter Works

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v3 platform This article refers to the v3 Dedupely platform. If you use a v4 Dedupely integration please visit the documentation under the v4 tab here.

Default Behavior:

The Safety Filter is turned on by default when using “Any” matching in Settings.

Explanation & Use Case:

The Safety Filter prevents more aggressive scans from merging the wrong duplicates.

Imagine you’re scanning Contacts for “any” matching First Name, Last Name and Email fields. Without the Safety Filter, you may encounter this:

John Skakun – [email protected]

John McDonald – [email protected]

This would be a valid match, even though the Last Names and Emails don’t match since we’re matching “any” of those fields.

The Safety Filter will work a little harder to find similarities between the other selected fields as well. So even if it’s set to match “any” of those fields, it will still do a little extra filtering to prevent common mistakes associated with this style of matching.

Now, let’s say you truly wanted to match by any of those fields. You’d simply turn off “Use Safety Filter” in the entity you want to scan:

In this screenshot, “Use Safety Filter” is turned on. Simply untick the checkbox.


You want to be extra careful when disabling the Safety Filter since it can produce very incorrect matches (note the example of matching the two non-duplicate John’s above).

As such, you should never disable the Safety Filter when running Automatic Merges.

You want to usually disable the Safety Filter when Dedupely has a very hard time finding duplicates and you’re low on options. Later you can turn it back on before running any bulk or Automatic Merges.