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v4 platform This article refers to the v4 Dedupely platform. If you use a v3 Dedupely integration please visit the documentation under the v3 tab here.

Your account settings can be accessed by clicking on the account icon at the top right of the dashboard.

Email Notifications

At the bottom of the Your Info form, you’ll see a notifications section for adjusting alerts and newsletter settings.

Billing Information

To update the name and address shown in invoices, update the information in the Your Info tab.

Your billing and invoicing history can be seen in the Billing & Plan tab.

Cancelling Your Account

In the Billing & Plan tab, you’ll see “Cancel Subscription” at the bottom of the page. Click on that and follow the instructions to cancel your account.

Your account will stay open until the end of the billing term and you’ll be able to continue accessing your account until then.