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De-duping Deals: Scanning by Pipeline, Stage, etc.

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v3 platform This article refers to the v3 Dedupely platform. If you use a v4 Dedupely integration please visit the documentation under the v4 tab here.

Terminology: In this article, we’re using Pipedrive for the example. Terminology such as Deals, Pipelines, Stages, etc. will vary from CRM to CRM.

Scenario: You want to deduplicate Deals that are in the same Pipeline & Stage and have the same TitlePerson and Organizationassociated with it.

Step 1: Here you’ll see we have a few duplicate deals spread across two stages.

The ones marked as “Not dupe” have different People contacts linked, so we’re not considering these duplicates.

Step 2: Select the fields to match by going to the Deals scan settings.

We select “… matching all of the following selected fields:”

Step 3: Save settings and review duplicates.

Now you can see we have duplicates matched based on the fields we selected. Remember, the 3rd deal that appeared in each Stage does not show because they had been assigned to another person.