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Cross matching fields

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Field data is often misplaced. Cross matching allows for matching fields against other fields. E.g. First name and last names that collide will be found with cross matching.

For example, if I have a contact that got the first and last names mixed up and another duplicate of that contact:

  • Andy Mez
  • Mez Andy

By default Dedupely will just match first name with first name and last with last, missing this match. However with cross matching we can match with either/or.

Activating cross match

To activate cross match in a data pad, simply click on the cross match icon:

Cross match icon

Then click “Re-run scan”

Re-run duplicate scan button

Once the scan is complete you’ll see an updated list of duplicates:

duplicates that are cross matched

You can turn off the cross match whenever you like exactly the same way as you turned it on: by toggling the icon.