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v4 platform This article refers to the v4 Dedupely platform. If you use a v3 Dedupely integration please visit the documentation under the v3 tab here.

In order for Dedupely to find and merge your duplicate contacts it must first have a copy of your CRM data.

This only has to happen the first time you sign up for Dedupely. Once the first download has finished, Dedupely will sync your CRM data in real time. Any changes made to your CRM will almost immediately synchronize with Dedupely so you can continue deduping new duplicates.

How long the download should take

Since the download has to happen over the internet, it can take a bit of time to complete. If you have lots of contacts (over 100,000) this can take up to a few hours.

Once the download is complete, you will get a notification email.

How long post-download syncs should take

Dedupely uses webhooks for v4. This means that any changes made to your synced contact data is immediately sent to Dedupely for syncing.

For small changes the sync will take up to 1 minute for the changes to reflect in your Dedupely account.

For large uploads, this can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to process and properly sync on our servers.

Your Synced Data & Integration

On the left hand side in the dashboard, click on the Your Data icon. This page will show you the record types synchronized with Dedupely, the CRM integration connected (or not connected) and options to reset data.

Reset or Remove Data

In order to remove your synchronized data from Dedupely, go to My Data, and at the bottom you’ll see a section called Reset Data. You can select with record types you want to remove from Dedupely:


Resync New Custom Fields & Users

Dedupely pulls in new custom fields and users from your CRM every hour or so. But sometimes, if you’re in a hurry, that’s way too long a wait.

Go to the Resync Custom Fields & Users section and click Sync Fields & Users.