Find & Merge Duplicate Insightly Contacts

Easily find and merge duplicates in Insightly. Save you and your team hundreds of hours.

How Deduplication Works in Insightly

This integration finds duplicates for you and lets you merge manually or automatically.

What it Deduplicates

This integration deduplicates Insightly Contacts, Organisations, Leads, Opportunities and Projects.

Note: Tags with spaces are replaced with dashes. Does not reassign File Attachments, Project Milestones, Emails, Converted from Lead Field, Follows and Project Links during merges. Learn More

Insightly Deduplication That's 10x Faster

Dedupely's dashboard screenshots

Powerful Duplicate Finder

Choose the fields to match & merge Insightly duplicates by. From strict to fuzzy matches.

Bulk Merging

Deduplicate Insightly contacts on a daily basis. Switch automatic merging on or off as you choose.

Covers Edge Cases

Merge Insightly duplicates without mixing contacts across owners and access levels. Helps ignore filler values like "Web Lead".

Get Started

Saved me hours worth of work.

Pierre-E. Jouve, CFP® Pierre-E. Jouve, CFP® President & CCO InsuraWealth

Dedupely is super easy and intuitive! I was able to merge all our duplicate contacts, organizations and deals.

Iris Seidemann Iris Seidemann Sales FASHION CLOUD

Dedupely helped get rid of a large number of duplicates in our CRM.

Laura Drury Laura Drury Owner & CEO The Alternative Board®

No CSV Imports

Dedupely deduplicates your Insightly contacts through the their API. No need for XSL or CSV imports/exports.

Double Team Productivity

Less time hunting down the most relevant duplicate and merging Insightly contacts. More time spent rustling up sales.

Deduplicate Your Insightly Database Today

Cancel Anytime. 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

up to 60k Contacts, Organisations, Leads, Opportunities and Projects
$39 /month
60k to 120k Contacts, Organisations, Leads, Opportunities and Projects
$69 /month
120k to 240k Contacts, Organisations, Leads, Opportunities and Projects
$139 /month
240k to 480k Contacts, Organisations, Leads, Opportunities and Projects
$269 /month

Have more than 480k Contacts, Organisations, Leads, Opportunities and Projects? Contact us for a custom plan.

No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarentee
30-day Money Back Guarantee

If this product is not a good fit for your firm within 30 days, let us know, and we'll refund you in full.

Dedupely is an essential bolt-on to any CRM. The team has done a great job of creating a deduplication solution that is fast, accurate and easy to use. It’s great for periodic database updates and they ensure that once cleaned your data stays clean! We use it with the enterprise version of Agile CRM but I would recommend its use in conjunction with any CRM.

Laurence O'Toole Laurence O'Toole CEO Authoritas