Agile CRM

Find & Merge Duplicates in Agile CRM

Clean up your duplicate people and company contacts.

How Deduplication Works

Helps you find duplicate People and Companies. You then get the option to merge manually or automatically.

What it Deduplicates

This integration deduplicates Agile CRM People and Companies.

Note: May or may not carry over Campaigns, Web Stats, Tickets and Mail during merges. Learn More

Reduce Wasted Time Hunting Down Duplicates

Dedupely's dashboard screenshots

Customized Scans

Decide which fields and items get used when finding duplicates and if they should partially or exactly match.

Automatic Merging

Catch new duplicates added to Agile CRM on a daily basis. Switch automatic merging on or off as you choose.

Covers Edge Cases

Prevents mixing contacts with different owners, different access levels and helps ignore matching autogenerated values like "Web Lead".

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Iris Seidemann Iris Seidemann Sales
Dedupely is super easy and intuitive! Without any guidance I was able to clean up all our duplicate contacts, organizations and deals.
Simon Wolff Simon Wolff Entrepreneur In Residence
We had approximately 300k contacts, organizations, and deals in our CRM. Despite the large amount, Dedupely worked perfectly well. The support was especially outstanding.
Garrison Nifong Garrison Nifong International Business Development
The quickest way to find and merge thousands of duplicates without having to pick through everything manually.
Videobeat Networks

No CSV Imports

Dedupely deduplicates your data through the Agile CRM API. No need for XSL or CSV imports/exports.

Improve Team Productivity

Less time hunting down the most relevant duplicate and merging data. More time spent rustling up sales.

Deduplicate Your Agile CRM Data Today

Cancel Anytime. 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

up to 60k People and Companies
$29 /month
60k to 120k People and Companies
$59 /month
120k to 240k People and Companies
$129 /month
240k to 480k People and Companies
$269 /month

Have more than 480k People and Companies? Contact us for a custom plan.

No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarentee
30-day Money Back Guarantee

If this product is not a good fit for your firm within 30 days, let us know, and we'll refund you in full.