Features of Dedupely

Fine Tune Duplicate Scanning

With the flexibility of our scan settings you can easily find as many duplicates as possible in your CRM:

  • Choose the entity types (e.i. People, Companies, Leads, Deals) you want to check for duplicates
  • Choose which fields to scan by (e.g. name, email, social handle).
  • Toggle between Exact Match and Partial Match for fields that require some wiggle room

Merging Modes

Switch between two merge modes: Manual Merging and Automatic Merging

  • Manual Merging allows you can sort through the duplicates and merge one-by-one, per page or all at once
  • Automatic Merging runs merges without your review and simply shows you a list of merged duplicates.

Customize Your Merges to The Last Detail

When using Manual Merges, you can fine tune what the final merged contact will look like by selecting the fields that will be kept.

Detailed Reports

See merge details for each set of duplicates that were merged. Everything from which fields were selected and which were left out.

Handle Your Company's Edge Cases

  • Prevent merging contacts that have mixed ownership, permission levels or other attributes.
  • Avoid grouping duplicates that have similar autogenerated names such as "Web Lead".
  • Decide which input gets precedence when two fields are in conflict.

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