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How Take Advantage of Bad Situations as a Leader

Clinton Skakun on May 16 2018

Is possible to predict our success in tough situations? How can we improve upon our current makeup, and thrive when stress hits.

As leaders, we do the best to motivate our teams and push ourselves to thrive in unfamiliar territory.

Three things you should never forget when facing a difficult situation:


No matter how bad things get, if you're committed, you'll stay involved and give your best effort rather than pull back. The commitment comes from understanding your mission. As a good leader, if you are aware of your mission, your goals and make sure your teams know it, the commitment to seeing the mission completed is greater.


Sounds simple, but how do you gain control? Change your thinking. Change your own perceptions and determine what you want more control over, and that will help focus your energy.If you are aware of a situation that is not the best, before giving up, create new goals and focus on overcoming it. As a good leader, you must listen to your team to know how they are feeling. This will help you to create a new atmosphere to work with. It will also give you clues on how you can empower them to perform at their best.


As a leader, make the change part of your culture and the fabric of who you are as an organization will help for the future challenges. When change is normal, your team won't feel threatened by change.If change is part of it, your team will search for innovative solutions. When you and your team expect change, there is not stress surrounding the experience.Together, these three simple characteristics will help you and your team weather hardship and thrive in tough situations. Consider the options, don't define yourself by the problems but by the opportunities available to you. For example, if you lost a very important account, focus on how you can get it back or if you need to go outside and look for a new one.This experiences will be always empowering and will give your team the confidence to be ready.