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HubSpot's Native Duplicate Find & Merge AI

Clinton Skakun on Jun 27 2019

Duplicate data sucks. I don't have to go on a shpeel to sell you on why duplicates are a daily issue for not only sales, but a major waste of money for companies everywhere.

Finding and merging duplicates in HubSpot has gotten easier. HubSpot recently released their new AI-powered duplicate finder that gives you a weekly rundown of the duplicate contacts and companies you have in your HubSpot database.

Why is this exciting? HubSpot is one of the few CRMs that we know of that has added this functionality natively.

How to Find Duplicates in HubSpot

To find duplicates click Actions in your contact list, in the dropdown click Manage Duplicates:

From there you'll see a list of duplicates that HubSpot detected in your database. Each match shows two duplicates. Note: not all of these duplicates are accurate and should be treated as possible duplicates where each one must be reviewed carefully.

As of right now, duplicates are scanned every week. That way, you can check on new duplicates on a weekly basis and merge last weeks new duplicates.

Insides of the HubSpot AI-Powered Duplicate Finder

HubSpot's algorithm works by matching a combination of name, email, IP addresses, zip code and company names. It compares both "objects" to see how close they are together in similarity. As you merge and/or dismiss matches, the machine learning algorithm will collect new data to bring you better matches the next time around.


Finding duplicates in HubSpot has just gotten easier with the new AI-powered merge feature.

If you want to learn how to make this process even faster (up to 10x faster that is) with bulk merging, anytime duplicate scans, alerts on new duplicates and finer tuned matching, take a look at the Dedupely HubSpot integration for a Free Trial.