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How to Sell Your IT Services

Clinton Skakun on Aug 21 2018

We know that selling sounds like puppies and rainbows, but is not that easy. If you have a strategy and the correct tools, you can sell almost anything. But what about IT services? What is the key?What is the key to selling any service? Simple, be a problem solver.

1. Make implementing your solution mentally easy

How fast you can implement your product is critical because you will be able to show your real value to the buyer. It's very simple to demonstrate the functionality of your product but the real question is, how are you going to get this technology working in the smoothest and fastest way possible? You have to make sure your offering and how your product works is clear to the end-user.

2) Invite your customers to take the leap

Technology can disrupt any company and it's normal for the owners to be afraid of what will happen when new technologies enter. Help them understand how your service will be a huge benefit for them. Be ready to address their concerns and talk details. Often times their biggest worries will be caused by past experiences. Be on their side, address their concerns and they will be confident to take the leap.

3) Personalize your approach, understand their business

The decision makers don't want to feel "sold to" or feel that you only want their money. Obviously nobody wants this. It's important to understand their needs so you can match your service with exactly what they're looking for now. In order to get this you will need to research their company and use specific examples of how the new tools can have a positive impact. Describe the current problems they have now and how you can fix them.There's no magic in this. Just extra time taken to really get to the meat of what they need. This can be done in various ways and this isn't the article to cover it. It will be a little different for each prospect. Maybe it's something you can find on Google or by asking them some simple open-ended questions.This is the core of every solid offering: If you can find the need and match it with a believable solution, you're in.

4) Distinguish their fears

Speak their language. If you use a lot of technical words they may get more confused and you may lose the sale. You may ask the right questions in order to understand their needs, previous bad experiences and a few details. You can take care of the technical part. They don't need to know what programming language or tech stack you're going use, nor do they care.Rather, you have to take your head out of the tech and think like an explorer:
  • Which department do you believe will find the implementation of this solution the most difficult and why?
  • Where has past technology solution implementations run into trouble and why?
  • Is there a horror story of technology in your company that is often used as the example of why something should not be bought? If so, can you tell me about it?
Besides knowing their boundaries, you also need to know how to make the offering easy to say yes to. A complicated pricing model doesn't only take more time to think over, it creates friction that can kill your sale.

Last but not least:

Sell yourself. Focus your sales conversations on listening to your potential client's pain, and then explain why you, not your service, will solve their problem.