How to Prevent CRM Duplicates Before They Enter Your CRM

on December 31, 2017


Customer Relationship Management is integral to any business. We are always looking for effective tools and methods of interacting and relating with our customers. We want to manage the whole customer lifecycle in a very convenient manner, and CRM tools help us do that. However, a very prevalent challenge that can hinder the effectiveness of CRM tools is the duplication of customer data. These duplicates are often very expensive and cost businesses in several undesirable ways. We will proceed to tell you how to prevent CRM duplicates right before they enter your CRM. But first, let us find out what exactly CRM duplicates are.


What are CRM Duplicates?

CRM duplicates refer to exact customers’ data that appear multiple times in a CRM system. Whenever any customer’s data appears multiple times in your CRM database, there is said to be data duplication. There are several causes of CRM duplicates, but they mostly stem from processes and people. CRM duplicates are some of the most hideous challenges plaguing CRM systems.

How to Prevent CRM duplicates

There are several factors to consider when looking to prevent CRM duplicates before they get into your CRM. The first and most important thing to do is to ensure that your company has a good policy surrounding customers’ data. You need to make sure that every section in your company understands what duplicate data in CRM is. They also need to understand the effects of these duplications and how they affect the business in general. Ensuring there is an active and working clean data strategy in the company is key to preventing CRM duplications.

Another thing to consider is the installation of your CRM. You have to ensure that your CRM is well setup according to its developer’s specifications. If you do not setup your CRM according how it was designed to operate, then you would have complications, which could lead to duplicate data. In fact, duplicate data should be considered when installing your CRM. This will ensure you setup processes that help keep it in check. From duplicate alerts to duplicate checks, installing your CRM the right way will ensure all of these are put in place.

The CRM is integral to any business because it combines and synchronizes with other parts of the business – sales, product development, etc. This means that there has to be some sort of integration with the other parts of your business. This also means that you would be importing data from various sources and parts of your business. All of these can prove to be overwhelming, leading to multiple and repetitive customers’ data. Integration should be done carefully and by someone who has proper knowledge of the CRM. Importation of data from the various sources of your business should also be done meticulously, making sure to avoid duplications.




The reason why duplicate data in CRM is such a big deal is because of how widespread it is. Many businesses are always looking to eliminate these duplications because of its insidious effects. This post has comprehensively addressed how to help prevent duplicates in your CRM before they get into your CRM. With the tips provided here, you can make your CRM totally free of these duplicates.

Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea, a custom software development company that builds custom mobile and web apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Rahul has been featured as a business technology thought leader in numerous media channels such as Bloomberg TV, Forbes, HuffPost, Inc, among others.