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6 Ways to Improve Your Sales Skills (For Small Business Owners)

Clinton Skakun on Jul 20 2018

Selling is not always easy. New competitors emerge, similar products like yours come to the market.Today we are going to talk about some basic techniques you can use to improve your selling skills:

1) Clarify Your Sales Mission

Yes, it's your business and nobody understands as well as you do. But is also important that your future customers also do. What do you do? Why is your product better? Those questions must be easy to respond to.Also, selling is not about pressuring someone into buying your product. Selling is about inspiring and persuading. Your goal must be work in collaboration with your customers.

2) Don't Sell Products, Sell Solutions

Always assume that your customers will buy only what they need. Always be clear which problems your product solves. For example, if you are selling a microwave, your solution is to reduce the time it takes to cook.Think like your customer. People always buy for two reasons: 1) they have a problem that needs to be solved and 2) it's worth taking the time out of their day to get it solved. The more empathetic you are, the more successful you will be and this will help you tailor your recommendations.

3) Sell on Purpose

Sell to the people that your product is targeted to.So many companies waste resources by scattering their sales efforts and trying to sell to and please everyone. Not only does this cause an unnecessary strain on your sales team, it causes you to sell to the wrong people.The wrong people don't buy again and they make your life harder with complaints that don't pertain to your market. This makes your business unsustainable.

4) Take Responsibility and Work as a Team.

Your team always looks to you for support. To build a strong support system and give confidence to your team, act like a leader. Give the team the credit when everything goes right and take the blame when it goes wrong.

5) Change Your Attitude

Beside changing your sales strategies, there must be a change in you and your attitude. Conquer your fears. Your daily habits control your commitment. Be aware of them. Decide which ones are unproductive and make a commitment to change.

6) Automate When You Can

Your focus should be on your goals, not small, repetitive tasks that can be outsourced to technology.Use technology in your favor. Save time by investing time in deciding which tools are the best to use.The best salespeople use a combination of the best tools and best practices to deliver results. Combine that with a killer attitude and the ability to lead and your potential is endless.