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How to protect the data in your business

Clinton Skakun on Sep 17 2018

According to CSO cybercrime damage costs to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. It all begins and ends with cybercrime. Without it, there's nothing to cyber-defend.The cybersecurity community and major media have largely concurred on the prediction that cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.In the small and medium-size business, the impact of this goes beyond the financial loss, the companies may lose all the trust and confidence of the clients.For this reason is important to find affordable security measures. This can give you substantial protection or no security at all.To resolve this there are simple steps to follow:

Know the data you have

The better way to protect your data I knowing what you have. Not all the data is equal and shouldn't be treated in the same way. You must identify this and know how it should be stored.The best way to do this is to imagine, what happened if someone stole your financial information. Exactly, this information is high risk, due to this data must be appropriately secured, After you prioritize your data, is necessary to make the changes necessaries in your security.

Change your passwords constantly

Passwords are the first step of every security policy. Lasspast is a good option to generate and manage their passwords. What about the password for managers.LastPass and other such services have enterprise versions available at a low cost per user. These offer all the basic secure-password-generation options you’d expect, with a variety of business-orientated extras.You can set company-wide minimum password standards to meet your policy requirements, or apply customized policies to restrict access to specific devices, groups or locations. All will be admin by a master password, which will be reset or revoked by the administrator.

Educate about the importance of the Data

All the people in your business must understand the importance of data and knows why is important to protect. Training doesn't have to be expensive, it may be planned by the managers and made refresh every 6 months or every time the company has a major change.Training should be effective and implemented from the bottom to up and the top down needs to be sure how the security police work. The training must be the focus of the specific role of the employee at the Company.

Be careful with what you do on the web.

Links are the number one way to the malware ends up in your computer, or maybe a click bottom that indicates he won an iPhone. It sounds unreal but happensThis is where the training and educations take an important part on this if they know they shouldn't click on this links or open emails from people that they don't know about is the best way to avoid malware in your computer.

Go ahead¡

And the most important step: ¡Start today!Now you know this, will be easier to protect your data.