Five Ways to Spring Clean Your CRM Data

on January 16, 2018


CRM data is undoubtedly important to the long-term success of any business. Given its importance, you would need to spring clean your CRM data regularly. Messy and clumsy CRM data can not only hamper your relationship with your customers but also cause disorganization within your business. Many people do not pay attention to clean CRM data. This is mostly because they do not understand the negative effects of unclean CRM data. From loss of potential sales targets to loss of reputation to disgruntled CRM employees, its effects are endless. Cleaning your CRM data will ensure you avoid all of these. We will show you how, providing five methods of spring cleaning your CRM.


Five methods of spring cleaning your CRM Data

The methods listed here have been tested and proven. Everything about these methods will be explained, providing you more than enough insight to easily implement them. Below are five methods for spring cleaning your CRM data:

  1. Set roles and restrict access: In every CRM system, there is usually an inflow and outflow of data all through various sources. Almost every department in an organization uses CRM data as well. Things could get messy when everyone can modify CRM data. This makes it important to set roles and restrict access to CRM data. This will ensure users can only access and modify records and data that are relevant to them.
  2. Regularly perform data validation: Invalid data is one of the most overlooked forms of unclean data. Regularly performing data validation will ensure your CRM data is correct and useful. It is necessary to regularly check for data validity by setting validation rules, routines and constraints.
  3. Maintain data style and standard: This is one of the most important things to not in keeping your CRM data clean. There has to be a conventional style for keeping customers’ records in your CRM system. A lot of bad data is as a result of human errors. If you do not have standards regarding data entry, different iterations and styles of data will be committed to your CRM, leading to unclean data.
  4. Take time out to manually check data: As much as several CRM tools automate many processes, it is imperative that you take time out to regularly check your CRM data manually. This will help you catch mistakes that would have been unnoticed. You might also begin to recognize patterns and see potential issues that could come up.
  5. Educate staff about unclean data: No matter how much effort you put into cleaning data, it is important to educate staff about unclean data. This will help in preventing unclean data in the first place as they mostly stem from human errors.



CRM tools manage everything about your customers. It will be a costly mistake to not take care of the data in these CRM tools. Five methods of cleaning your CRM data have been meticulously explained here. With any of these methods, you can be sure that messy CRM data is behind you.

Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea, a custom software development company that builds custom mobile and web apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Rahul has been featured as a business technology thought leader in numerous media channels such as Bloomberg TV, Forbes, HuffPost, Inc, among others.