Coming 2018: Find & Merge Duplicates in HubSpot CRM

on January 23, 2018


[Update: The HubSpot Integration is now launched!]

Finding and merging duplicates in HubSpot, according to the community, is not easy. Many people have asked us how to deduplicate contacts and companies HubSpot.

Let’s go over the duplicate issue in HubSpot and how we aim to combat it in 2018.

Duplicate Contacts and Companies in HubSpot

HubSpot, like many CRMs, has the problem of duplicate data sneaking in. At first, a few duplicate contacts are normal and easy to control (at under 2%). When your HubSpot database grows, duplicates begin to be a problem. Not only are they a slight annoyance, but they hurt your bottom line and credibility.

Duplicates are also a problem for your team. Wading through many records to find a note about a sales call with a customer, is never fun. It causes everything to waste time and make damaging mistakes. In short, it hurts your bottom line.

HubSpot has a way to manually merge duplicates. So why bother with a 3rd party integration? Because merging duplicates is time-consuming. It also becomes impossible to keep on top of. Once your team is adding new info every day, keeping orderly seems like a pointless task.

How Dedupely Will Help You Merge Duplicates in HubSpot

We designed Dedupely to automate finding duplicates and merging them in bulk. This alone saves your team hundreds of accumulated hours. It saves your company the money it was wasting on poor productivity.

Dedupely allows you to fine-tune your hunt for duplicates by field or a combination of fields. Once it finds duplicates, you can merge one by one or in bulk.

You can automate it to find and merge new duplicates in HubSpot every day.

What Will The HubSpot Integration Deduplicate?

Our integrations include deduplication of Contacts, Companies and Deals. This doesn’t change for HubSpot. Notes, tasks and other linked items will end up in the merged contact.

Fields and custom fields also merge. When two fields conflict, it keeps the best looking field. You can tell Dedupely which fields to keep when only one is allowed.

Merging duplicates in HubSpot

To learn more you’ll want to see the HubSpot integration page and sign up for launch alerts.

When Can I Start Using Dedupely?

We have started work on the HubSpot Integration. In reality, we’ve been working on it for over a year off and on. Because of the growth of other integrations we had to put it on the back burner for a while. We didn’t want to rush the process. HubSpot reached out to us 2 years ago. At the time, we were ill-equipped to take on a new integration.

2018 is a big year for us. We’re growing faster than we did in previous years. Our team is growing and we’re getting better at launching. Our tech stack has improved since last year and we’ve managed to make a few breakthroughs.

We’re building what you asked for. An integration to find and merge duplicate contacts, companies and deals in HubSpot.

We estimate the launch to happen in Q1 of 2018. Most likely late February to March.

We’ll See You There

I’m excited to be working on this problem. Duplicate data is frustrating for everyone. More so for businesses that want to focus on their customer rather than manage data. Duplicates in HubSpot shouldn’t be a nightmare. The reality is that it’s hard to get under control manually.

P.S. We’ll be selecting a few early birds to be part of our beta program. If this interests you sign up at the bottom of this page to get a say on what you want us to include on launch day.