Dedupely HubSpot integration launching on November 15th

on October 26, 2018

HubSpot has been on our list for nearly 3 years. We’ve been asked for this integration more than all other integrations combined. It was obvious that HubSpot admins needed a way to get rid of duplicate contacts.

On November 15th we are launching the Dedupely <> HubSpot integration with a 7-day free trial.

What’s in the integration?

The integration comes at the same time we’re rolling out our new platform and website. The new platform will only be available to HubSpot users.

The integration will include:

  • Exact and fuzzy matching
  • Bulk merging
  • Custom merging
  • Automatic merging
  • Reports and history of merges
  • Background matching that runs while you’re sleeping

This is only the beginning. We have a large list of new features being added to the integration in the months following the launch.

What can I merge?

Right now, you will be able to merge HubSpot contacts. Company merging is something that will come most likely next year.

Where can I get notified?

You can get notified by opting-in at our HubSpot Upcoming Launch Page to be notified on November 15th