How CRM Duplicates Damage Your Employee Morale

on February 26, 2018


The driving force of every business is its employees, and this is why their morale is very crucial. Employee Morale is measure of the total satisfaction and confidence that employees feel in the workplace. Employee morale is positive or high when they feel comfortable and positive about the work environment. It is however negative when otherwise. CRM duplicates are made when customer or sales data are recorded in a CRM system multiple times.

CRM Duplicates can be as a result of many things, such as errors made by CRM employees or bugs in the CRM software. Either way, these duplicates can have negative effects on the morale of your employees. CRM systems are part of the systems that make up the work environment. This means that duplicates leave the database in disorder making the employee and the company look incompetent. Since productivity is a function of an employee’s morale, it is necessary for companies to look into ways of mitigating the effects of the data corruption on CRM employee’s morale. This post will highlight three ways by which CRM duplicates can dampen your employees’ morale.

Three ways by which CRM duplicates can damage your employee’s morale

  • Data Cleaning

Sometimes CRM duplicates could completely leave a system in complete disarray leaving the employee with so much bad data to deal with. When a CRM employee has to do this very often, frustration begins to creep in gradually. Poor Integration also leads to data duplication where multiple or incomplete records are collected into the system. This leaves the employee with the daunting task of turning the CRM system from a hot mess to a fast-acting gem of a product.

  • Poor Data Reporting

CRM duplicates affect reporting because those reports would not be the true reflection of things, as they contain records that have been entered multiple times. Poor reports are mostly seen as an employee’s inability to organize data. When the expertise of an employee is questioned, it has a negative effect on their Morale.

  • Time Consumption

Interaction with a CRM system riddled with duplicates is always time consuming. For one, accessing data in a CRM system that has duplicates can be a herculean task. Duplicates are very difficult to deal with when little. It becomes even worse when the employee does not have an idea how many duplicates are in the system. The unproductive time spent by employees in cleaning, searching or accessing CRM systems with duplicates can lead to a low morale.


For a company to ensure that productivity is maintained at maximum levels, the morale of its task force has to be on the high side. When employees start to lost confidence in the CRM due to the number of duplicates and incomplete data, they take less care in the data they enter. This can have many ripple effects and you definitely do not want that. Therefore, it is necessary that a system be put in place to prevent the entry of multiple data so as to prevent negative energy in the workplace. This will ensure that data is entered both correctly and consistently, leaving the workforce happy.


Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea, a custom software development company that builds custom mobile and web apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Rahul has been featured as a business technology thought leader in numerous media channels such as Bloomberg TV, Forbes, HuffPost, Inc, among others.