5 Common Mistakes Companies Make With HubSpot CRM

on July 18, 2018

As we said before, HubSpot is a tool that can superpower your sales and prospecting in ways most CRMs can only dream of.

But it’s important to mention a CRM is not a magic wand that does everything automatically. There  needs to be someone in the background with a good marketing strategy and good knowledge of the business.

We’ve made a list of the common mistakes that people make using HubSpot and how to resolve them:

1. You don’t use Calls-to-Action correctly in HubSpot

HubSpot has this wonderful tool to create “Calls-to-Action” or CTAs  helping you create a lead-ins for your lead-magnets and product pages. This tool also gives you click-reports helping you determine if the CTA is working, or you need to tweak it.

You can directly edit your CTA from HubSpot giving you full power over everything from the message, brand colors and styles:

2. Your website doesn’t support multiple browsers and devices

Your CTA could be perfect, but if the site doesn’t render properly in all of the top browsers, you can quickly tarnish your product’s perceived value.

Also, if you’re not mobile, you should be. Not only has mobile completely exploded in the past decade, some people only have access to the internet through their smartphones.

To know how many mobile visitors you’re getting to your site, use Google Analytics to check which devices visitors use.

3.  You don’t import contacts correctly

We’ve all made the mistake of importing a giant list of poorly maintained contacts into HubSpot without giving it a good once-over.

This turns your HubSpot account into a data mining center. The opposite of what you want if you really want to focus on sales instead of managing data.

4. Your buyer personas are non-existant

Who are you selling to? While this might be obvious, most companies don’t bother clarifying their buyer personas. This causes irrelevance in the sales cycle, causing your entire company to not resonate well with your leads. You can’t market to a Doctor and teacher in the same way, since they have different needs, likes, interests, etc.

Deciding on your lead qualification process stems from your buyer personas, If you don’t first have one, you’re lost on the data needed to correctly qualify your leads for each market.

5. You don’t use integrations

No CRM does it all. HubSpot has a giant marketplace full of tools you need. HubSpot has a huge integration marketplace that lets you hook up everything from calls to tracking your hottest leads to hooking up your customer support app.

Along with integrations to power up your CRM, you have an unlimited number of migration tools to migrate from your existing platform.


HubSpot has many important tools that may be used to increase your business and make work your marketing strategy. All these options if are will be used can convert your visitors into leads. It will take work using the tools and acquire experiences to get results, all this depends on the commitment and good strategies.