Brand and Grow Your Company Through Marketing

on May 16, 2018

There is a simple idea that appears everywhere. “Everything, everyone in the company is marketing”.

Startups and small business normally don’t have big budgets and for this reason they need to concentrate on smart marketing. Also anticipate building a branded mindshare. There are a few ways to do this:

Produce original content: brand the knowledge you already have. 

You don’t have to have money, but you certainly have one (or more) of these:

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Risk taking ability
  • Knowledge

If what you need is to establish your knowledge about a subject, becoming an authority starts with content.


If you’re looking for grow your company, you must diversify across platforms and channels. Social media is a good way to start, but there are also others. If you want to know more about this, read Matt McGee’s You can diversify or you can die.

Get Real.

One of the best ways to start your company getting known is to be involved locally. Being involved in the local community as well as the online community is one of the best ways to build your branded searches and band advocates at a more personal level.

Look for opportunity 

What are your competitors not doing that you can do?

Imagine that your business is selling Cheese. Ask your self: How can I get the people who normally buy cheese to buy my cheese?

If your competitors are raving about their cheese and saying that it’s the best, perhaps you could mention that your process is old fashion, documenting the process.

Evaluate what to do you have to offer and what the other companies offer. Bigger companies have more processes to navigate around. You as a smaller, leaner company can make these quicker decisions.


Branding is something that takes time, requires patience, time and a plan. If you looking for something quick and get a lot of clients, branding is not your answer. But ultimately, it’s the right answer for growth and a successful business.