5 Scenarios When Duplicated CRM Data is Painfull

on January 22, 2018

Perhaps the issue of CRM duplicate data is not high on your agenda, but it can have a major impact on the performance and efficiency of your business.

Therefore, before it starts causing a variety of internal problems and loss in business, a necessary step should be taken to eliminate it.

The duplication of CRM data is not an easy problem to solve. It may require an entire change in company’s software solutions and culture. Possibly, you need to hire a CRM deduplication consultant or seek the help of third-party consultants.

Here are the 5 situations where CRM duplicate data can be painful for you and your business.

Wasted Budget and Affected Bottom Line

If your CRM system has multiple records for the same customer, it may cause waste in cost and less income. Let’s say, your staff needs to send a parcel to a customer, they may mistakenly send 5 of the same parcels to one person.

Undoubtedly, you just wasted money on duplicate postage and printing costs. It will directly establish a bad effect on return on investment (ROI).

Bad Impact on Brand Reputation

I believe most of you will agree with this, “data is the most noticeable part of your company to your audience; it is the element that your trustworthiness is built on”.

If you are neglecting the health of your customer data, you’re also going to neglect the health of your business. Your customers are sources of your current business, new business, and referrals. And if you better improve the state of their data, you can enhance the efficacy of your communications with them and build a positive perception of your business or brand.

Let’s understand it as an example; assume if you are giving the same customer multiple telephone calls and mailing, what impact it is going to throw on your brand’s reputation.  

Let’s say if you mail three versions of your marketing materials to Andy Cohen, Arthur Cohen, and Alexander Cohen. Do you believe, Andy Cohen will see your company as a reliable and professional one?

Duplicity in CRM data has a negative impact on brand reputation.

Bad Customer Service

CRM Duplicate data not only brings a bad reputation to the business but also affects the performance of customer service team.

If you have a lot of duplicates or multiple records in CRM data, it would be more difficult and time consuming for your customer support team to get to the bottom of a customer issue.

They will not be able to find the right customer issue out of multiple records.

Less Productivity

In the modern interactive world, we accumulate customer data from multiple data sources, but we can’t be sure that all our engagement with customers is centralized in one single record.

This confusion can make it more challenging for your staff to work effortlessly with customers and their data, resulting in less productivity.

Lack of Single Customer View

When you CRM has 2 or more records of the same person, it can be challenging for you to observe the correct and precise picture of your customers and their behaviour. Apart from this, it can be tough to view what communication has taken place with the customer.

If we view it from marketing and sales perspective, it can be difficult to analyze what marketing strategy has been successful.

On the whole, we can say combating CRM data duplication is very crucial for the overall growth of your business. So look for the right consultant or tools that can help fight this problem.