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5 New Awesome Dedupely Upgrades You'll Love

Clinton Skakun on Apr 6 2020

We've just added five new improvements to Dedupely that we know you'll love. These upgrades make Dedupely easier to use and pave the way for some heavy-hitting features coming down the road.

Lists are now Data Pads

What were previously "lists" now become "data pads" with a totally new menu.

Data pads menu

Improved filter logic

Before you could only filter by one field at a time. Now you can filter by as many fields as you need. We've also added a bunch of new filtering types.

Filtering records to find duplicates in

Side scrolling added

Too many fields in the previous UI would squeeze the view making it nearly impossible to view all of the data. Now you can side scroll or press the right and left keys to view more field data.

Nicer custom merging screen

Clicking on a duplicate match now opens a custom merging dialog giving you all of the fields. This makes it so much easier to get a full view of the data you have.

Custom merge

You can now use key shortcuts

Press the up and down keys to scroll through duplicates, hit enter or the space bar to select or de-select a duplicate match.

Key shortcuts


These five new features make Dedupely much easier to use and manage duplicates in your CRM. Tell us what you think of these updates and how we can improve on the chat.