4 Ways Duplicate CRM Data is Costing You

on January 3, 2018

Well-arranged client data is the lifeblood of every business. However, there are numerous issues associated with handling a large data. The biggest one is that of – data duplication. Even the prestigious enterprise software like CRM can face this issue.

Duplicate CRM data may not sound a big issue to many but it could be a big hurdle, especially when marketers need to improve the productivity and performance of their campaigns.

Here are 4 ways CRM duplicate records are costing you.

Waste of Time and Money

Duplicate CRM data means employees are practicing data entry many times for the same customer record which is simply a waste of time. It is probably worse than having no customer records at all.

Assume the wasted cost of adding 5 of the different entries to a single person. This duplicate record will diverge over the period of time. And, when clients will call for purchase or any service, they will not be able to locate the accurate record on time.

Moreover, when a user wastes time searching for a duplicate contact, let’s say 2 minutes, over a course of a year these 2 minutes would add up to a lot of time wasted.

If you consider the wasted time as a loss of money, you stand to lose on a great percentage of your overall annual revenue.

Negative Impact on Brand Reputation

For years, we know that duplicate data can cost time and money. However, there is one another thing that it hits badly and that is your brand’s reputation.

Assume the impact on your brand’s reputation, if your CRM system is showcasing the multiple contacts and mailing details for the same record. No one would view your company as professional.

Duplicate records not only hurt your brand image but also the relationship with clients.

Expensive Marketing

It may not sound like the most apparent thing but duplicate CRM Data has the potential to develop into a real marketing issue. If your CRM system has a big volume of duplicate records, then cost of marketing campaign can skyrocket. For example, if an entity is looking to execute campaign through coupons, mailers, or giveaways, it may lead to worthless additional costs.

Besides, even if an organization is performing email campaigning, its clients’ mailboxes will be flooded with duplicate messages that may irritate them and organization may lose some valuable customers forever.

Bad Sale Records

Duplicate CRM data may also lead to multiple sale repetitions. Unknowingly, your employees will work on the same record, lead, or account. And, this repetitive working will reflect badly on the sales and overall performance of your organization.

Final Words

Duplicate record matters a lot. It may have various hidden costs for your organization. So, if you want to eliminate the impact of a duplicate record in your CRM system have a proper plan for the same.