4 Signs Your CRM is Growing Out of Control

on January 4, 2018

As your business grows, your CRM database grows as well. When you add new contacts,  sale details, documents, emails on a daily basis, your CRM database may get messy over a period of time. And you may notice that the performance of your database has become progressively worse.

Poor data quality, spam contacts from social accounts, duplicate sales calls are few signs that your CRM system requires repair or maintenance.

Here are few major tell-tale signs that it is time to overhaul your CRM.

CRM Database Sucking up Resources & Providing inaccurate data

Nowadays, Salesforce and other CRM products have come into a common use. Numerous organizations have developed their own CRM solutions. However, due to increase in strong offerings, most organization do not get enough space to give their CRM a regular check, maintenance, and repair causing poor performance and excessive use of resources.

CRM systems should give you an instant and detailed view of customer information, which should be completely accurate and reliable. However, if your employees suspect the data accuracy or data is not being provided in the right and organized manner, it is important to analyze the issues and resolve them as soon as possible. Inaccurate and unreliable data can destroy your brand’s reputation anytime.


No Clear Improvement in Sales

Most companies use CRM system to increase their sale growth. As modern CRM systems have been designed to achieve goals, they portray clear sales improvement. And if you are not experiencing any significant improvement in your sales pipeline for a long time, it is time to upgrade your CRM system.

It is crucial to keep a regular check on your sales record and get engaged with CRM system. Today, there are numerous top-level state-of-the-art CRM systems that can help meet your sales goals.


Lacking Mobile Capabilities

In the modern working conditions, sometimes employees have to work remotely via mobile to stay on top of their game. If you’re going through some difficulties in operating and managing the CRM system from far away, it may decrease performance and efficiency of your company. This decrease in performance can be much higher than what you might have presumed.

If you find that your CRM system is not being accessed from anywhere except for your office location, it can be an obstacle to your company’s growth. It can lead to data loss, customer frustration, poor sales, etc.

 Therefore, always check if your system needs an overhaul. If you require, you should not hesitate from buying a new CRM system that can integrate mobile application and other mobile-enabled systems.


Standing Between Your Brand and Customer

CRM Systems have been designed to make customer relations strong and easier but if you notice that your existing CRM system not helping you to attain these goals, it may be time to overhaul it.

Make sure CRM is not generating spam contacts from social accounts. A reliable and effective CRM system should help you to develop a healthy relationship with stakeholders and make communication easy and smooth.

If your CRM system is decreasing efficiency in any manner, it is time to upgrade it.